Encores TheARTricals

As well as our theatrical and educational endeavors, we at Tasty Monster Productions love to get our hands dirty and create unique and original art by recycling, re-envisioning, and restoring everyday items and found materials. There is art to be found all around. In homes, buildings, offices, and public spaces. Sometimes it is created by artists from raw materials and inspiration, and sometimes it just exists already but like the ugly duckling has not yet found its true form or likeness. On our journey through the world, we look for the ugly ducklings, the black sheep, the supposed runts of the litter, and re-envision them, re-purpose them, restore them, recycle, and renew them, and in so doing help them to take on a new life and a new purpose, extending the scope and giving them a well-earned encore performance.

Check out our showroom gallery below and remember - if it isn't sold, it could be yours!

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