Reviews for FALKLAND

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"It’s a work with much to tell us: of the unlooked-for consequences of a buried war. Of elective affinities and choosing to adopt the war-bereft, whatever condition they’re in. Of humanity stretching over thousands of miles in ragged flesh. Above all it shows how jagged displacements sometimes last forever. As does tenderness against the brunt of loss."

FringeReview - MUST SEE SHOW


"This tale of 'the war the world forgot' is more moving for the ordinariness of the characters who tell the story. With quiet humanity and the poignant use of the small (and usually forgotten) moments of human heroism, Falkland marks a moment in history that is a lesson we should all learn. A lesson consistently ignored."

Broadway Baby - ✭✭✭✭


"...Heart-felt impressions of the war...watchable, sobering and touching...A clever, and still subtle connection between the story of the Falkands and the wider emotive topic of the devastation of all wars...[A] multi-faceted take on the age-old question of war’s futility...[Falkland] encapsulates the ever-jarring juxtaposition of the ordinary and extraordinary which leaves the audience in poignant reflection."

EdFringe Review - ✭✭✭✭


"A realistic evocation of an absurd conflict, Heather Bagnall's play is a sincere tribute to those who died - on both sides. It's a remarkably effective performance...[in which] the horrors of war are unflinchingly catalogued."

The Scotsman - ✭✭✭


"This quietly intimate and insightful play is a clever concept to reflect the personal experience of the war from different perspectives."

Edinburgh Guide - ✭✭✭


"The strength of Heather Bagnall's script lies in its strong characterisation...It would be easy to underestimate these seeming rural pensioners, but as we learn soon enough, they possess hidden steel."

Fringe Guru - ✭✭✭


"...The play explores the very personal, sometimes quite contradictory reactions of these three to the wider conflict."

British Theatre Guide - ✭✭✭


"...Exceptional job in their roles...a very thoughtful piece that, in a very unstable world, leaves you with plenty of haunting impressions."

Freeline Media Orlando


"Bagnall and Tudball [are] both great people...This was probably my favorite show."

Pittsburgh In The Round


"Gideon is played with subdued and subtle passion by Luke Tudball."

Broadway Baby - ✭✭✭✭


"Falkland admirably shows that the effects of war don’t always come loudly — quiet pain is still painful...Bravery comes in different forms — as does resistance."

Orlando Sentinel


"I was completely drawn into this story...[Heather and Luke] did an excellent job of storytelling...A win for this company."

Pittsburgh In The Round


"A very moving and well acted play set during the Falklands War with three characters, a shepherd, his wife and a Royal Marine.Despite few props the two actors quickly get the audience into the mindset of the characters . Four stars from me."

Mick R. - Audience Review - ✭✭✭✭


"Very grateful to Heather and Luke of Tasty Monster for not only the inventiveness of this show but also the opportunity to talk with them and learn more about the events and, more importantly, the people who were affected by this war. Hearing about the connections they’ve made with those directly affected, made seeing and supporting this show even more important to us. Thank you!"

R. Morrice - Audience Review