Take flight on an intergalactic space puppy pirate adventure!

Earth has gone to the dogs, literally. After “the incident” humans have gone underground and into space leaving dogs to run the planet. But the Space Pirates have decided that they need to pave over Earth to put up a parking lot for their new entertainment complex on the moon. The Puppies have to join forces with their arch enemies the Ninja Kittens and along with the assistance of the Great Oracle, must seek the power of the greatest weapon they’ve never heard of. Epic adventures and battles ensue and along the way, we learn a deep, dark secret...or three. Will the Puppies turn tail and run? Will the Ninja Kittens, ooh string. Can the Earth be saved from certain construction?  Will it all end in discord or harmony?

"A live-action Saturday morning cartoon."

Written by Heather Bagnall and directed by Luke Tudball, with original music and lyrics by multi award-winning New York composer and lyricist Steve Schalchlin. Original artwork by Seamus Corbett.

"See it if you love to laugh!"

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Production photography by Brian Harris of Harris & Mattei Photography. Original artwork by Seamus Corbett.

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