What do you do when you’re “happily” married & yet completely alone?

Anything you can think of!

SINGLEMARRIEDGIRL is an original live adaptation of the blog based on the hilarious antics of Laurel Spears, a Chicago native who, finding herself at the crossroads of a dead end marriage and in a major identity crisis, decides to take herself on a date and see what happens next. A search of self-discovery from a woman facing for the first time the world of dating, love, life and independence following a decade+ of married life. Funny, poignant, quirky and cool, Laurel is the girl you always thought you wanted to be...until you read her blog!

“A little gem of a solo-show...don’t let it slip under your radar!”

SINGLEMARRIEDGIRL is an off-kilter 50 minute live action blog, featuring the wild antics of Laurel Spears. Drawn from personal anecdotes of Laurel’s real-life quest to save her failing marriage and find her grown up self, the play takes the audience on an unconventional journey through her crisis of identity, as she drifts between present and past. From a marriage far too young, through divorce, to finding new love, SINGLEMARRIEDGIRL is a series of direct address vignettes which reveal the complex relationship she has with her now-estranged husband and her flawed but brilliant alcoholic mother. Laurel uses humor and wit to combat the very real tragedy of lost time and lost love. A story of personal struggle and of universal truth.

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Production photography courtesy of Tasty Monster Productions.

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