Tasty Monster are hugely grateful to all the wonderful collaborators with whom we've had the pleasure to work around the world. Read some of their testimonials below. We'd also like to say a huge thank you to all our supporters without whom our work would not be possible. Thank you!


"I think great art should be in the hands of great people who are creative and artistic. Tasty Monster is filled with that!"

Michael J. Bobbitt - Producing Artistic Director - Adventure Theatre MTC


"While so many theatre groups are regurgitating the same material that has been produced for ages, Tasty Monster is passionate about creating art that is original and personal."

Andrew Lloyd Baughman - Producing Artistic Director - The Landless Theatre Company


"I first met Luke and Heather while performing at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe. They represent the best of what theater should be - creative, collaborative and true champions of great work. Their spirit and energy and openhearted support for the Fringe community raised everyone's game. Tasty Monster is delicious! Can't wait for them to take a bite out of the Big Apple."

Mary Lou Quinlan - Actor, Co-Writer, Producer - 'The God Box, A Daughter's Story'


"I met Heather and Luke in November 2013 when their company staged a reading of my full-length play Just Deserts, a comedy about justice and revenge. The performance was much more fully-realized than is typically the case with script-in-hand readings.  Luckily, I was able to be in DC to see it, and that experience was invaluable as I revised the play for its first full production in Berkeley, California in August 2014.  I'm grateful to the Tasty Monsters for bringing such generosity, skill, and intelligence to their work as theatre artists.  They are an inspiration and a joy."

Carol S. Lashof - Playwright, Professor Emerita - Saint Mary's College of California


"I first met Luke and Heather at the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival in 2014 where I got to see Heather's performance of Singlemarriedgirl twice!  It was a totally engaging, witty, and energetic show!  Being a single(formerly)marriedgirl myself, I could identify with what she was going through.  Luke's show, Ferdinand, was adorable, endearing, and socially relevant all at the same time!  It made me want to go out and buy a copy of the children's book, The Story of Ferdinand, to read to my future grandchildren!"

Linda Sharp - Actress, Costumer, and Veteran Theater-Goer


"I had the privilege of coaching Irish dialects for Tasty Monster's production of "A Man of No Importance" and it remains one of my most treasured theatrical experiences, both as a production team member, and an audience member.  Luke & Heather's performances were authentic, human, vivid, and touching.   As a theatre professional, I sincerely appreciated Luke's directing style and rapport with the cast.  He coaxed wonderful characters to life, and created a tiny but real (and unforgettable) Irish world on our stage.  Our community aches for Tasty Monster to come back again soon and give us another round as soon as we can arrange it!"

Paula Cavanaugh Carter - Accent Colors Dialect Coaching


"Through hell and high water Tasty Monster made it their mission to get to the festival on time! I was impressed that though we are a small festival, they provided a tech rider and were very responsive throughout. Their professionalism and dedication to the shows they produced were evident to all, and raised the bar for the other companies in Pittsburgh Fringe. Tasty Monster’s production designs create a world in which their masterful shows flourish. Luke and Heather were a delight to work with and even won a Spirit of the Fringe award. I can’t wait to see what they create next!"

Dan Stiker - Founder and Executive Artistic Director - Pittsburgh Fringe Festival


"As someone who is in and out of the theatre world, I have never felt out of place as a Tasty Monster.  No matter how long I have been away or how many miles are between me and the producers, it is never hard to pick up relationships and start projects. It is the kind of company where you will be remembered and thought of, and it makes being a part of this team so much fun.  As a visually impaired professional, I am used to getting turned away at the door, but anytime I feel like no one will give my talents a chance, I know I can contact Luke, Heather, or any of the Monsters and I'll be heard.  I couldn't be more impressed by the professionalism, marketing, and strength this company has."

Colleen Connor - Actress


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Lizabeth Sipes - Performer, Playwright, Director & Producer - 12MilesNorth


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